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What People are saying about "A Heart Ready to Fly!"

“Funny, delightful adventure of Sophia and her brother Luke that takes them not only into the high skies in the wings of the plane but also into the depth of the human heart. Including their own! I recommend for families with children to read it together."

Fr. Ben Kosnak

SS Cyrils and Methodius
Catholic Church

“A spell-binding story that shares so clearly, to all ages, God’s gift of forgiveness and the importance of keeping our hearts clutter free. Can’t wait for more giggles on the next adventure!"

Terri Miller

Director of Children’s Ministry
Calvary Lutheran Church

“It is such an awesome book! The characters are so realistic & lovable and the problems & fears the children face are such common ones for their ages. It has just the right amount of humor, just the right amount of imagination, and just the right amount of applicable Christian principles. I love the scripture at the beginning of most chapters…what an opportunity for memorization! I can’t wait to see the series expand! May the Lord richly bless you for your devotion and service to Him and His calling in your life!"

Diane L.

“A Heart Ready To Fly is an exciting adventure filled with solid Christian lessons that captured my heart and made me laugh out loud! Pure family fun, even for 52 year old mom's like me. Sophia's attitude at the beginning of the book is typical of any 8 year old. At the end, the transformation is amazing, the power of God's love is manifested powerfully through her changed attitude and how Luke is changed too. It's crazy how we affect others through word and deed. Look very forward to more fun books to read through the GiggleHeart series!"

Vicki K.

“This is such a great book for children of all ages (and parents too). My son Paolo has a hard time putting it down! Thanks Jackie for using your God given talents to teach our children (and us) about the bible through laughter and an amazing adventure!”

Tom V.   

“This book not only touches young readers, but it also inspires and educates parents and grandparents alike. "A Heart Ready to Fly" is a fun filled book of adventure, wisdom and loaded with gregarious humor surrounding the main charachter of Sophia Rose. The angel Frank, resembles the clumsiness and awkwardness we all feel from time to time in relation to our relationship with God and others in our lives. Purification of the heart is the overall message of this entertaining, warmhearted and relatable book.”

Maria C.

“This book rocks!! Get one for your kids. If you don't have kids, get one for your nieces and nephews, if you don't have those, buy it for the lonely kid on the playground! It doesn't matter who you buy it for, just buy it and pass it around!! Read it yourself, It's a riot!!”

Jacque V. 

“A wonderful book. Everyone....turn off the news and read this book!!! It is an escape to the happiness of youth. It truly makes your heart giggle. WARNING...this book will make your mouth hurt from smiling as you read it. Also, once you start reading you cannot put it down. LOVE, LOVE,LOVE this book!!!”

Fara S. 



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